Bi-annual Strategy Meeting in the New Year

Mark your calendars for the second Community Gathering of Digital Teaching and Learning Enthusiasts on Campus!

Come to either session on
Monday, 14th of January 9-10 am
Thursday, 17th of January 3-4 pm

We will meet to discuss our goals and plan our next set of interactions this coming year. Virtual attendance is possible as well!

AGENDA (1 hour):

  • reflect on our first steps taken in Fall 2018 (introduce our virtual hub for tools/ resources, peer sessions, etc.) (5 mins.)
  • discuss communication channels for a/synchronous interactions and in-time support within our group (Etherpad, social media etc.) (10 mins.)
  • develop ideas how to enhance campus support for students‘ digital learning (10 mins.)
  • plan peer sharing events for the Spring 2019 term (15 mins.)
  • draft a proposal for a Plan/ Strategy how to grow and support sound Digital Teaching and Learning on campus (the basics, vision, data/ evidence, examination, academic innovation, the systems, networks, sustainability, strategy, evaluation) (20 mins.)

Feel free to tell your colleagues to join us as well. 

Link to presentation slides and polls

RSVP for Monday, 14.01. 2019
RSVP for Thursday, 17.01. 2019


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